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Franziska Sgoff

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Franziska Sgoff







Arbeitswelt und Gründergeist, Diversity, Kunst und Kultur, Medien und Internet, Sonstiges


Bücher schreiben, Social Media, Barrierefreiheit, Arbeitswelt


My name is Franziska Sgoff, I was Born in 1996 and blind since birth.

I did an apprenticeship as a commercial correspondence in foreign languages, French and English.

Unfortunately I didn’t find a job in this branch. I’m not sure if the reason was my blindness or my missing job skills.

In 2017 I did an internship at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH. There I was responsible for caring on accessibility of different products.

I gave Workshops and showed the people how I use technology as a visually impaired person.

After Microsoft, I stayed in contact with the people I worked with among other Marco Richardson who found the INCLUSIFY AG, an IT-Startup to support customers with IT-solutions like artificial intelligence to make products more accessible for everyone.

Since December 2018, I work at the company as a social media specialist.

In 2019, I’ll publish a book for teenagers called „Wozu braucht man Jungs„.
It’s important to take away all the touch anxiety that People have most when they came in touch with People with a disability.


I also would like to improve the work Situation for People with disability. So I’d like to give Workshops in enterprices to Show how a human with blindness do their work.




web accessibility, work as a blind Person in a Company,


January 2017 – Juni 2017: Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

08.11.2017: World Usability day München WUD

09.02.2019: Keynote Speaker at Azure Saturday Berlin